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Industry Playa: The Creatives' Podcast

Industry Playa is home to all creative players with a story to tell about their craft. It brings together artists alike across the media and entertainment landscape of Africa to share stories about their craft, insights on the industry and ideas that would spark off a thriving creative environment.

Hosted by Ugandan Filmmaker, Voice Over Artist, Writer and Show Host, Aaron J. Tamale.

The #ShikaShowmax audio event experience is powered by Sanaa Post.

June Njenga Tells It All In This Big Girl Small World Interview: It’s Spicy, Funny, and Raw.

LISTEN By SanaaPost

The binge watch series to rival all binge watch series, this romcom has taken it to another level.

Emma Gichonge: Showmax Kenya’s Commitment to Local Content Reaffirmed With Launch Of Five New Shows

LISTEN By Aaron J. Tamale

Streaming local content just got better with the relaunch of Africa's most loved streaming service, Showmax, in Kenya.